Moi Nyatike is registered as a public Provincial Boys boarding school 1, under the sponsorship of AIC church.


It is my vision and mission that the next five years will witness a positive change in terms of growth and ownership of the school. It is endeavored that the community participation of the school should be strengthened as away of encouraging the stakeholder’s participation.


It is also envisaged that by the lapse of that period, an Alumni Association that is functional shall have been put in place.


The current administration has an open door policy and is willing to interact with well wishers and policy developers and ministry of education. You can get in touch with the principal on the following number 0722 554 229.



The school is located within Nyatike Township about 2kms from Osiri junction and 200m from the main town roundabout up- hill towards the civil servants residential quarters.


It is within Macalder zone, Nyatike location in Nyatike District.














The Administration Block Under Construction


The major …

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